CityRide for Glass by Team 10C

The most convenient way to use Citi Bike.

Check it out on YouTube.

CityRide is an app for Google Glass that let's you easily find an available and nearby Citi Bike and docking station, hands-free.

Meet The Team

Katy Kasmai, MS, MBA

Founder Glass NYC +

Passionate about new technologies, sustainability and building tech communities. Lead hustler.

R Antonio Herrera, PhD

Developmental Geneticist + Developer + Daily Citi Bike Rider

Dedicated to improving NYC life by integrating biology, technology, and design. Doesn't know the difference between Coffee, Java and Javascript.

Prat Tanapaisankit

Mobile Application Developer at AetherPal

Android developer extraordinaire, fascinated with all things code, tech, and making NYC ready for a City Ride.

Johnny Lee

Mobile Developer at CBS

Software engineer partial to mobile solutions, green energy, and big data.

Zill Christian

API Developer + Software Engineer

Turning ideas into quick, secure, highly efficient code.

Zain Diaz

Glass + Android Developer

Original Glass Explorer, developing with Mirror, GDK, Java and PHP.

Pat Needham

Android Wear Developer

Wearable Wizard + Warlock. Running the extra mile so you don't have to.

Andrew Pritykin

Developer at MLG + Founder LeetInsider

Mobile developer, Video stylist with a passion for technology and innovation. Vuvuzela guru and memorized the Konami cheat code.

Zack Freedman

Hacker-in-Chief + Voidstar Lab

On a mission to prevent real life from getting in the way of our technology.

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Who We Need


Beta testers for Citi Bike and Google Glass.

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